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Root Canal

Dental health issues such as tooth decay, disease, or damage can cause substantial pain and interrupt our lives. 

Root canal treatment at Bell Dental can relieve pain and prevent tooth loss in patients suffering a root canal infection. 

Learn how Dr. Brian Bell provides virtually painless root canals for patients near Lake Jackson, TX.   

What Are Root Canals?

Illustration of how a root canal can be formed by a pulp infection that can spread to the bloodstream, plaque destroys enamel and dentin, and bacteria forms an abscess
Root canals treatment restores the inside of a tooth rather than treating exterior issues like cavities.
Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure that removes infected or inflamed tissue from the inside of a tooth. During a root canal, a dentist removes the tooth pulp, which consists of blood vessels and nerves. Fortunately, a fully-formed tooth can continue to function even without its pulp. 

When Do You Need a Root Canal? 

If you are experiencing persistent pain and sensitivity in your teeth and gums, you may need root canal therapy. However, patients with a root canal infection may experience a wide variety of symptoms, including:

  • Moderate to severe tooth or jaw pain 
  • Persistent bad breath 
  • Tooth discoloration (usually a darker shade) 
  • Swollen, tender, or discolored gums 
  • Pimples or other lesions on the gums
  • Lingering pain or sensitivity from hot or cold items 

Root canals can save a tooth and prevent the need for an extraction. While Dr. Bell will do everything possible can to save a tooth, extraction is sometimes the best solution to restore your oral health. In these cases, we offer tooth replacement options such as implants. To request a root canal consultation, call our office in Lake Jackson, TX, at (979) 297-1201.

Root Canal Therapy: Step-By-Step  

Day of Procedure

Before treatment, Dr. Bell will numb and disinfect the area surrounding your tooth. Patients can also choose to receive sedation if desired. 
Our dentist will place a rubber shield around the tooth to keep it dry and clean. Then a small opening will be created in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp. 
Next, our dentist will rinse out the root canals, which are two columns of pulp that reach down through the roots. The rinsing solution neutralizes bacteria and removes any debris.  
Your dentist will then remove the pulp, then clean and reshape the root canals. 
Finally, your dentist will fill the tooth with a rubber-like substance and seal the opening. If needed, your dentist may recommend a dental crown for your tooth to protect and support it after treatment. 

Why Choose Bell Dental For Your Root Canal Needs?

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can help patients with dental anxiety or those who have trouble sitting still for long periods due to conditions like arthritis. Patients can request oral sedation, which is a pill taken before the procedure that puts the patient in a relaxed state. Ask Dr. Bell about adding sedation to your procedure.

Same-Day Crowns

We're proud to offer same-day crowns so you don’t have to wait weeks after a root canal for your permanent restoration. Our computer-assisted design and manufacturing system allows us to provide crowns on the same day as root canal treatment. Ask about same-day crowns during your dental consultation.

"Amazing and So Friendly!" Testimonials from patients in the Lake Jackson, TX, area 


Jane Dunn


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I just had a root canal - and those shots were so smooth - I could not believe how easy and pain-free they were for me. The whole procedure was extremely smooth and more than that it was totally complete and successful with no hindrances. Bottom line is this: you don't have to put up with a dentist who cannot deliver when there are other options like Brian Bell. He really is the best.

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Christina Morgan


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I was so nervous going to the dentist because of all the past work I’ve had done at other places. But all of the staff here at Bell Dental are amazing and so friendly! They asked questions and let me explain things and super helpful when it came time to talk about the treatment plan! Will definitely be back to see them with less fear!! I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs it!!

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Financing a Root Canal 

The price of root canal treatment will vary according to each patient's circumstances, such as how far an infection has progressed. While the specific coverage will depend on your insurance plan, most insurances cover at least part of the cost of root canal therapy. Our staff can check your specific plan to see how much insurance will cover.

We also offer payment plans through CareCredit®, a company dedicated to financing healthcare expenses like root canals. CareCredit provides plans that feature no interest, low monthly payments, and no additional cost to sign up. 

Lastly, we accept major credit and debit cards. Give us a call at (979) 297-1201 to learn more about your financing options. 

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