Restore the Health of Your Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges

a blonde woman smiles to show off her dental crowns and bridgesDo you cover your mouth when you talk or laugh? Are you afraid to flash a smile because of the condition of your teeth? At Bell Dental, we give you a smile that you are proud to show off. Our world class team of dentists offers a full scope of restorative dentistry procedures ranging from dental crowns and bridges to dental implants. By placing dental crowns and bridges, our Lake Jackson, TX, team can enhance your smile and restore a youthful, radiant, healthy state. Dental crowns and bridges are crafted to look natural, fit flawlessly on your gum line, and are not overpowering to your facial features. Contact us today for a consultation.

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

At Bell Dental, many of our patients seek restorative treatment for their damaged, heavily decayed or missing teeth. After performing a thorough examination of your entire mouth, Dr. Bell may suggest dental crowns and bridges from his Lake Jackson practice as a treatment plan that will help you achieve optimal oral health. A dental crown is a gold, platinum, or porcelain cap that covers the entire surface of a structurally frail or heavily decayed tooth. In order to place a dental crown, the damaged or decayed portions of the tooth must be removed. After carefully doing so, Dr. Bell places a dental crown on the refined structure to re-establish functionality and aesthetically enhance your smile.

Dental Bridges are sometimes used in conjunction with crowns to bridge the gap between healthy and missing teeth. Bridges consist of one or more artificial teeth that are directly secured to a dental crown or implant.


Dental bridges and crowns do more than yield stupendous aesthetic improvements; they significantly improve your oral health. The dental prosthetics give you a revitalized smile that is free of decay and harmful damage, and an aesthetically pleasing smile that is fully functional, making it easier for you to speak and chew. Dr. Bell personally designs your crowns and bridges to match your existing teeth, making it nearly impossible for others to recognize that you have restorations.

Our Technology and How It Works

Bell Dental is a proud user of state-of-the-art CEREC® technology, making our in-office laboratory supremely capable of custom-crafting a brand new smile for you during a single visit. CEREC® is a restorative product that allows our dentists to construct all-ceramic restorations using digital imaging and computer-aided milling tools.

Dr. Bell will remove the defected area of your tooth including flawed fillings or excessive decay, leaving the existing healthy tooth enamel unharmed and polished. Dr. Bell captures an image of the treated tooth, and then the CEREC® computer searches its database of thousands of teeth to configure how a patient's tooth should appear. The computer generates a detailed image of the shape, size and color of the restoration you need. The computer assisted program personalizes the ceramic structure to blend in flawlessly with your existing healthy teeth.

The process is complete after Dr. Bell secures the newly created ceramic structure to the existing tooth and refines the restoration with polish. This phenomenal equipment cuts down patient costs, and allows our team of dentists to produce personalized prosthetics in less than an hour.

Ideal Candidates

Dr. Bell offers dental crowns bridges to individuals who have:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Heavily decayed teeth
  • Extremely short or long teeth

Contact Us about Dental Crowns and Bridges

Our cosmetic professionals are committed to perfecting your smile, and improving the overall health of your teeth, gums, and body. Contact Bell Dental today to schedule a comprehensive consultation for dental crowns and bridges with Dr. Bell and his outstanding Lake Jackson team. Our dentists look forward to meeting you and giving you the healthy and beautiful smile that you deserve!

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At Bell Dental, our goal is to provide effective, comprehensive, and affordable care for all our patients. We are proud to be affiliated with:

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