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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Damaged teeth, decayed teeth, and missing teeth pose serious problems. You can solve them with dental crowns and bridges.

Bell Dental in Lake Jackson, TX, offers these popular restorations made from premium materials that look real and are made to last.

Dr. Brian K. Bell can customize your crown or bridge for a comfortable fit and natural look that leaves you smiling wider than ever.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

If you're looking to replace a missing tooth or teeth, it's well worth it to consider an implant-supported dental restoration. This is because dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration, something no other treatment in dentistry can do.

The roots of your teeth send health-promoting signals to your jawbone. When the tooth roots are missing, the jaw begins to weaken, which can quickly lead to complications like facial changes and further tooth loss. When dental implants take the place of the tooth roots, they also take on their function to stimulate the jaw and keep it strong.

Dental implants actually fuse with the jawbone in the four to six months after placement. This allows them to provide unmatched stability for the restorations they support. You'll be able to eat hard, crunchy, sticky foods, or anything else you please without fear of discomfort or your restoration shifting out of place.

The Best Materials For Crowns and Bridges

Our dentist prefers premium materials like all-porcelain and zirconia for dental restorations. These materials are incredibly durable and closely mimic the natural look of a real tooth. We use only the most trusted products in the industry including IPS e.max® and KATANA™ restorations. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Bell pays special attention to his patients' cosmetic goals, even during primarily restorative treatments. You can rest assured that your custom crown or dental bridge will work great, feel great, and look great, too.

Same-Day Restorations Made Possible With CEREC

Thanks to our CEREC® machine, our dentist is able to make dental crowns and dental bridges right here at our office, and often in as little as one appointment. 
CEREC machine
CEREC takes a small block of pure porcelain and shapes it into a dental restoration using custom specifications. Because dental bridges are larger than crowns, they can take a little longer to craft, but we do everything we can to make the fabrication process as efficient as possible. In some cases, such as highly visible front teeth, we might recommend a restoration made with traditional methods. We also partner with some of the best dental labs in the Lake Jackson and greater Houston area.

The Dental Crown and Bridge Timeline

This is what you can expect when you receive a traditional dental crown or dental bridge at our Lake Jackson, TX, office. The timeline for implant-supported restorations differs because implants need around four to six months to fuse with the jawbone before they can be topped with restorations.
You don't have to worry about pain during treatment. After we numb the area with anesthetic, it's likely you won't feel anything at all. Still, if you have dental anxiety or other special considerations, we are more than happy to provide calming sedation.
You don't have to worry about pain during treatment. After we numb the area with anesthetic, it's likely you won't feel anything at all. Still, if you have dental anxiety or other special considerations, we are more than happy to provide calming sedation.

Initial Exam

Our dentist will examine your smile and determine whether a dental crown, dental bridge, or another type of restoration is best for you. If you're suffering from issues like tooth decay or gum disease, he can perform treatment to resolve them before moving forward with your restoration. 

Tooth Shaping

Dr. Bell will have to remove a very small amount of enamel to accommodate the restoration. For crowns, the single tooth will be shaped. For bridges, the teeth adjacent to the gap will be shaped. He will then take precise digital impressions with the Dentsply Sirona Primescan intraoral scanner.

Creating the Restoration & Previewing Your Result

Your digital impressions will guide the creation of your crown or bridge. We can use CEREC to create it on-site, or we can send the scans to a trusted dental lab for trained ceramists to reference.

If you're interested in previewing your results, we can use a lifelike cosmetic wax. With your feedback, we can make any slight adjustments to ensure you'll be completely satisfied with your crown or bridge.

Placing the Restoration

Once your restoration is back from the CEREC machine or the lab, our dentist can fix it in place. He'll ensure it fits seamlessly, looks lifelike, and feels comfortable when you bite down before you leave our office with a newly enhanced smile.

Are Crowns and Bridges
Covered by Insurance?

Yes! As long as they're used for restorative purposes, dental crowns and bridges are eligible for insurance coverage. You should know that while dental implants are very rarely covered, we do accept most insurances and will work to maximize your coverage regardless of which treatment you choose.

We're also pleased to accept CareCredit® financing to make affording treatment that much easier. CareCredit allows you to split your costs into manageable monthly payments with little to no interest attached.

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