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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you happy with the health and function of your teeth but want to enhance the look of your smile?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help correct aesthetic dental concerns that affect your confidence. 

At Bell Dental in Lake Jackson, TX, our dentist offers a range of affordable and customized cosmetic dentistry services.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

While restorative procedures correct a patient's oral health concerns, cosmetic dentistry is focused purely on aesthetics.

Better health can sometimes result from a cosmetic dentist's work, such as less TMJ pain from better-aligned teeth after undergoing Invisalign®. Meanwhile, some restorative treatments (such as dental implants) can provide significant health benefits while also improving the look of your smile. During a consultation, we can determine if your needs are purely cosmetic or if you also need practical treatment to help you meet your smile goals.

Dr. Brian K. Bell is a cosmetic dentist who completed specialized cosmetic training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He has created hundreds of customized dental plans to help patients achieve their ideal smiles, and he looks forward to doing the same for you. 

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The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Confidence Boost

Any cosmetic treatment you undergo at Bell Dental will enhance your teeth, giving you more motivation to smile. Looking your best can help you feel your best, increasing your self-confidence.

Customizable Treatment

Every patient has unique dental needs. If you have misshapen teeth, discoloration, or another cosmetic flaw you wish to address, our dentist can combine procedures and create your own personalized treatment plan.

Better Diet

If you're missing teeth or have an uneven bite, it can cause you to avoid foods that are hard to chew. Some cosmetic options also function as restorative procedures, enabling you to eat a wider variety of foods you love.

Avoid Future Dental Procedures

Misalignment or cracked and chipped teeth can be harder to clean and may be more prone to infection. Realigning your teeth and fixing dental damage can eliminate the need for costly and intensive future dental treatments.

Candidates for Cosmetic Dentistry

While the main candidacy factor for patients wishing to undergo cosmetic dentistry is the desire for a better-looking smile, our Lake Jackson, TX, dental patients should also meet the following requirements to ensure lasting results:

No Smoking

We recommend patients quit smoking before undergoing most dental treatments. Smoking can make teeth whitening less effective and disrupt recovery from procedures like dental implant placement, which is often combined with cosmetic treatments. 

Good Overall Health

Dentists require that patients are in good overall health before undergoing some more complex treatments, like implant placement. If you have a health condition that could affect your recovery after dental care, like high blood pressure or diabetes, it must be well-controlled before your cosmetic treatment.

Good Oral Health

Cosmetic dental patients should be free of gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental health concerns. Before undergoing aesthetic dentistry procedures, our dentist will recommend restorative procedures to correct your oral health issues. 

"So kind and gentle with my sensitive teeth." 5-Star Reviews for Our Lake Jackson Team


Miquelle Perez


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The best dental office!! Dr. Bell is the kindest, knowledgeable doctor around. Staff and dental hygienist are amazing as well. So kind and gentle on my sensitive teeth.

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Donna Morrow


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Such a wonderful group, from the front door to when you leave. Very caring, people about your feelings as they put together the best plan for your dental needs. They know their job!!!! All of them... I will never leave this dental practice!!

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Want Customized Cosmetic Treatment? Request a Consultation to Get Started

If you're interested in upgrading your smile, cosmetic dentistry is a great place to start. Our dentist, Brian K. Bell, strives to provide gentle, high-quality dental care that helps patients achieve functional smiles that also look beautiful.

Our dental practice can design a cosmetic dentistry plan that works for you and your budget. Contact our Lake Jackson, TX, office for a consultation and see which cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you. 

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Dr. Bell completes 100 hours of continuing education courses each year to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry.

Our Cosmetic Treatment Options

At Bell Dental, we offer a range of dentistry services to fit your needs and budget. From Invisalign to teeth whitening, we can find the options that help you achieve your goals. Your customized treatment plan can include:

Teeth Whitening

Our dentist can dramatically lighten the shade of your smile using today's most advanced teeth whitening systems. Age, genetics, certain foods and drinks, and other factors can cause discoloration, but in-office and at-home professional dental whitening options can brighten your teeth quickly and effectively.

Explore Your Teeth Whitening Options


Crooked, misaligned, and overlapping teeth can be challenging to clean, make chewing tedious, and affect your confidence. Instead of traditional braces, our Lake Jackson, TX, dental office provides metal-free, virtually undetectable Invisalign clear aligners. Because they are removable, you can eat any foods you want during treatment, and brushing and flossing are as easy as ever. 

More on the Benefits on Invisalign

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are incredibly thin yet durable shells of dental ceramic that are customized to fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. Capable of changing the size, color, shape, length, and spacing of your teeth, veneers are ideal for patients with stains that don't respond to teeth whitening or patients with slightly misaligned teeth.

See What Porcelain Veneers Can Do for You

Aesthetic Bonding

With aesthetic bonding, tooth-colored resin is placed on your tooth and shaped to conceal imperfections. The bonding material can be expertly matched to the color of your teeth for a natural-looking result. Whether used alone or combined with another cosmetic treatment, aesthetic bonding can treat a variety of cosmetic concerns, such as chips and cracks, discoloration, or gaps. This treatment is an affordable alternative to veneers that many undergo in order to decide if they would eventually like to pursue a more premium solution.

Contact Us to Learn More About Aesthetic Bonding

Gum Contouring

If excessive gum tissue is making your teeth look worn or unhealthy, gum contouring can help. Your gums frame your smile, and if they’re too prominent or cover too much of your teeth, you may feel that your smile appears disproportionate. With gum contouring, Dr. Bell can help you achieve an attractive tooth-to-gum ratio.

Contact Us to Learn More About Gum Contouring

Snap-on Smile

Looking for a simple way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile? Snap-on Smile® is an affordable, comfortable way to achieve a Hollywood smile without surgery. The Snap-on Smile product is a great method for addressing gaps, stains, misalignment, cracks, and even missing teeth.

Contact Us to Learn More About Snap-on Smile

"He took the time to ask me questions." Our Staff Listens to Your Concerns


Pamela Carter


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The office was nice and clean. The Staff were amazing and Dr. Bell was so cordial and very informative. He took time to ask me questions and listened to what I want and talked to me about my dental plan and my options. I was nervous going in but by the time I left, I knew that I had chosen the right place. I look forward to getting my teeth and my smile back to good.

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JJ Justilian


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As always, Dr Bell, Jessica, Nicole and the entire team are awesome. Before my first visit I had extreme "dentistry phobia"...many years worth! The main focus was/is my dental needs. However, they take the time to tend to my mental and emotional comfort related to dental procedures, too. It's why I'm certain I'll be able to continue with them and I am confident referring friends and family to Bell Dental.

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Which Cosmetic Procedure Is Right for You? Contact Us for a Personalized Recommendation

You may be surprised at the noticeable improvements cosmetic dentistry can accomplish, even with simple treatments like teeth whitening. If you're considering some form of cosmetic dentistry but are unsure which procedures you would benefit from the most, our dentist can help you decide. 

Dr. Bell will sit down with you for an in-depth examination of your smile and discussion of your cosmetic goals. He can use his years of expertise and specialized training in cosmetic dentistry to recommend the precise treatments that will help you attain the beautiful results you have in mind.

If poor dental health is keeping you from seeking cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Bell can incorporate restorative dentistry into your treatment plan. You can achieve a smile that is both healthy and aesthetically pleasing at our Lake Jackson office.

Request a consultation with Dr. Bell today. Contact us online or by calling:

(979) 297-1201

Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, an implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture is the best alternative to the real thing. Without stimulation from tooth roots, your underlying jawbone deteriorates, causing dental shifting and other oral health concerns. Dental implants stimulate the jawbone just like tooth roots, keeping it healthy and strong. In fact, they are the only tooth replacement option that offers this benefit.

Our implant-supported restorations are designed to be virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Contact us today to see if dental implants are right for you.

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Have Dental Phobia? Sedation Can Help

Even the thought of undergoing dental care can make some people feel anxious. Dental phobia can stem from bad experiences with another dentist or fear of the unknown, among many other reasons.

Bell Dental strives to create a relaxing environment for our patients. We believe in being honest with everyone who comes to our office in Lake Jackson. Before undergoing any procedure, our doctors will take the time to explain the process. We believe patient education is empowering and can help lower anxiety about visiting the dentist's office.

In addition to our patient-centered approach, for your comfort, we offer sedation dentistry. Oral conscious sedation can create a deeply relaxing effect, helping you remain comfortable and still throughout your treatment. We'll be happy to discuss including sedation as part of your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan.

"Best dentist in the area." More Glowing Reviews From Lake Jackson Patients




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First day of school and had a tooth emergency with my 9 y/o son. Bell Dental was AMAZING! They worked us in that day and got us fixed up. The staff is ALWAYS kind and helpful. Thank you Bell Dental for the great service!

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Andrew Claeys


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Best dentist in the area hands down. Family atmosphere, everyone is always super nice. The hygienists are amazing! Dr. Bell never misses a beat and has always been able to take care of any issues. Will continue going here as long as I possibly can!

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Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

Because they are considered elective, cosmetic dentistry treatments are not covered by dental insurance.

However, our team believes everyone deserves to feel proud of their smile, which is why we offer dentistry procedures at varying price points. We can create a customized treatment plan that works for both your cosmetic goals and your budget. For example, if you are not yet ready to invest in veneers, we can provide an attractive and natural-looking enhancement with bonding at a lower price point.

We're also proud to accept financing through CareCredit®, a lending company that offers loans with low or no interest and manageable monthly repayments. With financing, the cosmetic care you want can stay comfortably within reach.

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At Bell Dental, our goal is to provide effective, comprehensive, and affordable care for all our patients. We are proud to be affiliated with:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologist

For more information about our services, contact our office online or call (979) 297-1201 today.

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