Treating Dental Damage Caused by Aggressive Tooth Brushing

At Bell Dental, patients can undergo restorative dentistry treatment to repair a smile that has suffered dental damage from aggressive tooth brushing.

Posted by belldental on Jul 25, 2017

Treatment Options for a Jutted Tooth

A tooth that juts can lead to dental health problems. Dentists usually turn to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for treatment.

Posted by belldental on Jul 17, 2017

Medications and Poor Gum Health

Certain medications can increase the risk of poor gum health. Let's take a closer look at these medications and how to protect the gums.

Posted by belldental on Jun 23, 2017

How Invisalign® Is Used to Treat Overbites

Invisalign® can treat overbites in many cases, allowing patients to experience properly aligned teeth through invisible orthodontics.

Posted by belldental on May 23, 2017

The Five Stages of Tooth Decay

Learn how to identify the five stages of tooth decay so that you can take action against decay in its earliest possible stages.

Posted by belldental on May 16, 2017

What Causes Poor Gum Health: Periodontal Health Tips

Periodontal disease and gum recession are serious health problems. Let's consider their common causes and offer some suggestions for prevention and treatment.

Posted by belldental on Apr 23, 2017

Dental Bridge Candidates

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in one area of the mouth, you may be a good candidate for a dental…

Posted by belldental on Mar 24, 2017

Porcelain Veneers vs. Invisalign: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Learn more about porcelain veneers versus Invisalign®, and which is right for you, in this overview from Drs. Brian Bell and Justin Crocker.

Posted by belldental on Mar 17, 2017

The Benefits of Tongue Scrapers

Those looking to boost their oral hygiene routine should consider the benefits of tongue scrapers.

Posted by belldental on Feb 24, 2017

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding is a potentially ideal procedure for patients with aesthetically flawed teeth. Find out whether it might be right for you.

Posted by belldental on Feb 23, 2017

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