My Dentures Broke: What Should I Do? By belldental on May 02, 2024

Broken denture

Today’s dentures are made of resilient, durable materials. But they’re not immune to damage. At Bell Dental in Lake Jackson, TX, we can assist with a variety of issues related to cracked, snapped, or otherwise damaged dentures. We can often repair small imperfections in-office or might recommend a new appliance from a lab. And in some cases, you could even leave our office with an improved denture and a healthier, better-looking smile than you had before.

Common Types of Denture Damage

We see all types of issues when patients come to us in need of denture repair. You might have:

A Broken Tooth

Just like our natural teeth, one or more false teeth in your denture can become chipped or cracked.

Damaged Acrylic

The gum-colored acrylic base can also become chipped or damaged.

Broken Clasps

Traditional partial dentures rely on small metal clasps. In some cases, that portion breaks off or stops working properly.

Snapped Denture

Your denture might have snapped completely, affecting multiple materials.


Exposure to very hot liquids can sometimes warp the acrylic base that makes up your denture.

How Do We Fix Broken Dentures?

If a denture is salvageable, we have two options: restore it at our office or send it out to a dental laboratory. Small chips and cracks can be fixed with an adhesive to attach the missing pieces.

However, many types of denture damage are irreparable. You might choose to have the same custom restoration replicated or improve upon it.

The only way we can provide more information on your options is to examine it during a consultation at our Lake Jackson practice.

Ask Yourself: Are You Happy With Your Smile?

Before we recommend fixing a broken denture, it’s important to ask:

  • Does my denture fit well and is it comfortable during everyday use?
  • Does it look natural and complement my features?
  • Do I ever experience slippage when I talk?
  • Can I enjoy an unrestricted diet?

If you’ve answered no or even hesitated to answer any of these questions, this can be a good opportunity to consider an implant-supported denture. Not only are implant dentures easier to care for (and less prone to damage) because they remain fixed in your mouth – they also offer several other benefits over traditional options.

Do I Really Need to Fix My Broken Denture?

Sometimes, broken dentures don't seem to have an immediate impact on your appearance and dental function. For example, a clasp becomes loose but the restoration still remains in place.

While the issue might not seem like a big deal, the highly customized nature of modern dentures means that even a slight change can have serious repercussions. Common concerns include damage to the soft tissue of the cheeks, jaw issues due to favoring one side as you chew over another, and more. In other words, it's safest to address broken dentures quickly.

Contact Us to Repair Your Denture

Dentures are an important tool to help you feel confident, healthy, and happy. So when they break, it can cause a tremendous deal of stress. Contact our practice in Lake Jackson today to request a consultation and learn more about restoring your smile.

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