How Long Will My Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Take? By belldental on March 26, 2019

Dental crown hovers above abutment and implant postDental implants replace missing teeth through the use of an implant (titanium screw) that is placed in the jaw. After a healing period, dental implants can be attached to crowns, bridges, or dentures.

A healthy recovery after dental implant surgery is critical to ensuring that your implants fully fuse with your jawbone tissue. Doctors Brian Bell and Justin Crocker want our Lake Jackson, TX patients to understand what is involved with dental implant surgery recovery so patients can be better informed before undergoing the restorative treatment.

If you are considering dental implants, this recovery timeline overview will help you prepare for the procedure and recovery.

Which Factors Affect Recovery?

Several factors can impact the length of time between your initial implant surgery and the placement of your restoration. These factors include:

  • Jawbone density: Before you become a candidate for dental implants, one of our doctors will need to determine if you have adequate jawbone density to hold the implant post. If there is not sufficient jawbone density, you can regain candidacy through a jawbone graft or sinus lift procedure. If a jawbone graft or sinus lift is performed, the procedure can add a few months to your overall healing timeline.
  • Smoking: Smoking negatively impacts jawbone density and is a risk factor for dental implant failure. Before undergoing dental implant surgery, one of our doctors may recommend that you quit smoking for several weeks before and after the procedure.
  • Natural variation between patients: Age, the health of the immune system, and other factors that naturally vary between patients can result in varied recovery timelines.
  • Number of implants placed: Recovery from multiple implant placement will generally take longer than recovery than the placement of one or two implants.

How Long Will My Recovery Take?

If there are no complicating factors, your permanent restoration will be attached to your implant a few months after the implant is placed. At that point, you will be fully recovered and can enjoy all the benefits of your new prosthetic.

The First Few Days after Surgery

During the first day after surgery, soreness and swelling near the surgery site should be expected. One of our doctors may prescribe pain medications. After returning home, you should rest.

Many patients find it helpful to have a recovery room (usually a bedroom) stocked with liquids, comfortable clothes, medications, and other important supplies.

Most patients are able to return to work a few days after surgery.

The First Few Weeks after Surgery

During the first few weeks after surgery, you should notice discomfort and swelling subsiding as your jawbone heals. Avoiding strenuous activity is advisable during this time.

Placement of Your Abutment

After your dental implant has fused with the surrounding jawbone tissue and your gums have fully healed, one of our doctors will attach a small metal device called an abutment. This requires an incision in your gums to access your dental implant.

Once your abutment is placed, you will need a few more weeks for your gums to heal. Once your gum tissue has healed, your restoration will be placed and your treatment will be complete.

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Full recovery from your dental implant placement can take several weeks. Once your new prosthetic is placed, you can enjoy restored oral function and a more attractive smile. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants, contact our office online or call (979) 297-1201.

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