Overcome Dental Phobia with Oral Conscious Sedation By belldental on January 17, 2018

At Bell Dental, our dentists are experienced in helping patients with dental phobia overcome their fears using compassionate treatment and other tools that can make dental visits more comfortable. One option that many patients with dental phobia find beneficial is sedation dentistry. There are different types of sedation options offered by our team at Bell Dental to fit each patient's needs. Today, we will focus on oral conscious sedation and it's many benefits. If dental anxiety or phobia has kept you from seeking essential dental care, oral conscious sedation from Lake Jackson, TX dentists Brian Bell and Justin Crocker may be right for you. We welcome you to schedule a consultation for more information.

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About Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a treatment option that offers an alternative to intravenous or inhalation sedation using nitrous oxide, and is easily administered via one or more pills. 

With oral conscious sedation, the level of sedation can be adjusted to meet the needed level for each patient by simply altering the dosage of medication. Generally, just enough sedative is administered to allow patients to stay awake during dental treatment while keeping them feeling calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

Some patients may require greater sedation because of dental phobia or the number and type of procedures being performed. In such cases, medication dosages may be increased to allow patients to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to have dreamlike thoughts or to fall into a "twilight" sleep.

The Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can benefit just about anyone (not just those who suffer from dental anxiety) who would like to be more comfortable and relaxed at their next dental appointment. Some of the most notable benefits of oral conscious sedation include:

  • Helps reduce dental anxiety: Oral conscious sedation can help those who have dental phobia or anxiety find relief from their fears and feel relaxed while at the dentist. 
  • Reduces pain during dental treatment: One of the biggest benefits of oral conscious sedation is its pain relieving properties. Oral conscious sedation can keep patients from feeling pain during dental procedures, including oral surgery.
  • Helps keep patients comfortable: The comfort of each patient is important, which is why many people can benefit from oral conscious sedation.
  • Not administered through shots: As the name suggests, oral conscious sedation is administered orally and does not require any injections, which is particularly beneficial for those with a fear of needles.
  • Helps patients stay relaxed: A low dose of oral conscious sedation medication is often sufficient to keep patients feeling relaxed but alert during treatment.
  • Sedation levels can be easily adjusted: The levels of sedation can be easily adjusted with oral conscious sedation, allowing patients to select a range from feeling relaxed to falling into a light sleep.

Who Are Good Candidates for Oral Conscious Sedation

Whether or not you suffer from dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation may be right for your dental treatment needs. With that said, those who experience one or more of the following may be good candidates for oral conscious sedation:

  • Discomfort when sitting for long periods of time
  • Low pain threshold
  • Anxious before or during dental visits
  • Have a dental phobia or anxiety
  • Neck or back pain makes sitting painful
  • Gag reflex is sensitive
  • Undergoing oral surgery
  • Undergoing multiple procedures at the same time

Learn More About Oral Conscious Sedation

For more information about oral conscious sedation, or to find out if it's right for you and your dental needs, please schedule a consultation with at Bell Dental

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