Full Mouth Reconstruction Options at Our Lake Jackson Dental Practice By belldental on October 10, 2013

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Restorative DentistryDental problems rarely occur one at a time. In fact, it's common for people to experience many dental health problems at once, particularly if they have not been to their general or cosmetic dentist in some time. This is where advanced therapies are helpful for achieving total dental wellness. It's also why full mouth reconstructions are an excellent option to consider.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction refers to a combination of multiple dental therapies that are meant to promote total wellness of the mouth. These dental therapies will target the teeth, the gums, the jaw, and other structures that may have a bearing on overall dental health and general wellness.

Ideal Candidates for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The best candidates for full mouth reconstruction are people who have serious dental health issues that cannot be addressed by individual dental treatments. During the consultation process, the best possible treatment plan will be devised.

Customized Dental Treatments to Meet Your Needs

The best thing about full mouth reconstruction treatment is that it is completely customized to the needs of the patient. This makes sense since each mouth is different and requires special attention to meet specific needs. While the exact treatment may vary from patient to patient, it is likely that the matters below will come into play in some fashion.

Treating Tooth Decay and Tooth Damage

A staple of many restorative dentistry treatments, treating tooth decay or injury is a common part of a full mouth reconstruction. The most common treatments used for these matters include dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns.

Treating Root Canal Infections

With severe damage and decay, the likelihood of infection of the root canal increases. In such cases, root canal therapy must be performed in order to remove the diseased dental pulp and save the tooth from extraction.

Treating Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can be a major problem both in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. In order to replace missing teeth, dentists can rely on the use of dental bridges and dentures. For added stability, these dental restorations can be held in place with dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots.

Treating Gum Recession and Periodontal Disease

Many people take the gums for granted when it comes to dental health and aesthetics, but they are an essential part of every smile. If a patient has suffered gum recession, there are ways of rebuilding that lost gum tissue. Should the patient suffer from gum disease, we will work to get the infection under control and then rebuild the gumline as needed.

Treating Advanced Dental Health Problems

There are plenty of other issues that can affect dental health, such as the overall shape of the dental arches, defects of the gum joint, blockages of the salivary gland, breathing obstruction caused by the soft palate, and so on. All of these matters can also be addressed thanks to full mouth reconstruction therapy.

Learn More About Advanced Dental Care Treatment

For more information about full mouth reconstruction treatment and how it can be of great benefit to you, be sure to contact our Lake Jackson dental care center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results in dental wellness.

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